Xamarin: Binding Java Libraries to C#

It has been exactly one year that I have been involved mobile application development with Xamarin and I would like to share an important experience that I have gained in this period. Xamarin is a powerful framework for cross-platform mobile application development which uses a modern and powerful language like C# but in the same […]

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Codility & Intercom

Last months have been trying to seek a career change. Among different job interviews and screenings I got to know also Intercom. It left an awesome and bitter experience. I did manage to go to the on-site interview but I did not get an offer (sigh)… but that story would belong to another post.

I spent […]

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DB Amalgamation

I have always wanted to keep a blog but have always failed to create one, because of the lack of creativity and storytelling (as you will find out on this post). But in the recent two weeks I had an interesting work experience (and also funny) that I would like to share.
It begins with the […]

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